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UV resin polyurethane PU adhesive, high-end automotive sponge, transparent liquid, halogen-free flame retardant FR-PNX, passable

Basic functions of product properties, providing detailed technical consulting services, and follow-up in the later stage
Chemical name: Halogen-free oligophosphate flame retardant
Molecular structure: patent protection
Product model: FR-PNX
Physical appearance: colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid
Color (APHA):<50
Phosphorus content (weight%): 19
Specific gravity (G/CM3,25C): 1.28
Acidity (MGKOH/G):<0.1
Water content (weight%):<0.1
Flash point (° C):>208
Viscosity (MPAS, 25 ° C):>2500
Water solubility (25 ° C): easily soluble
Main purpose:
Application of high-end car sponge and high-end furniture sponge:
FR-PNX is suitable for testing through FMVSS302 and CAL117. When 10% FR-PNX is added to 30-32/M3 density sponges, it can achieve the specified flame retardant effect. At the same time, due to its large molecular weight, stable structure, good heat resistance, and low volatility; It can also help reduce the fog generated by the sponge itself, especially suitable for producing low fog cars
Sponge and high-end furniture sponge.
Application on PU carpet backing adhesive:
This product can also be used with dry PU carpet backing adhesive for halogen-free flame retardancy, and has a permanent anti-static effect.
Attention: This product is highly hygroscopic, so it is important to ensure that the bottles and barrels containing the samples are sealed in a timely manner.
Packaging specification: Net weight: 250KG/iron bucket

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