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Transparent liquid, colorless, neutral, aircraft, vehicle, and ship interiors, antistatic, anti frost, and halogen-free flame retardant for textile fabrics


The basic function of the product's physical properties is to provide detailed technical consultation services and follow-up.

Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid
Specific gravity: (20 ° C) 1.08+0.05
Phosphorus content: (W/W%) 10.2
Nitrogen content: (W/W%) 9.2
Solubility: Completely miscible with water
Product advantages:
This product can be applied to fabrics by spraying, impregnation, or rolling, and then dried below 150 ℃. The fabric should be prepared in advance
Treat it to have good water absorption. The required amount of addition is determined by the type, weight, structure, and requirements of the fabric
The required flame retardancy can be determined by adding some wetting agents to improve its permeability. Fluorocarbon finishing can also be added
Agents and softeners, but attention should be paid to their compatibility to ensure that they do not affect the flame retardant effect. It is recommended to use it extensively
Conduct a small sample test first.
The halogen-free flame retardant HP for textiles is a non frost, phosphorus, and nitrogen free phosphonic acid salt solution specifically designed for use on various fabrics
Such as flame retardant finishing of cellulose, wool and natural fiber/synthetic fiber blended fabrics.
The fabric treated with HP can be used for interior decoration of cars and airplanes, as well as for curtains and other products without washing requirements
place The flame retardant effect of fabrics treated with HP will not be affected by dry cleaning. The texture of the fabric will not be affected either


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