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PBT PET PA spinning halogen-free transparent liquid flame retardant Engineering plastics halogen-free flame retardant


The basic function of the product's physical properties is to provide detailed technical consultation services and follow-up.

Active ingredient: 100%
Appearance: Clear and viscous paste
Phosphorus content: 20.8%
Acid value:<2
Density 25 ℃: 1.26
Soluble water mutual solubility
Acetone: mutual solubility
Ethanol: mutual solubility
Product advantages:
FR-104 is a unique organic phosphorus plastic additive flame retardant. It can be used for both thermoplastic and thermosetting purposes
Plastic, but particularly suitable for dry thermoplastic polyester and nylon. The flame retardant polymer processed with it has high elongation and resistance
Impact strength.
Performance advantages:
·High phosphorus content
·High thermal stability and low volatility
Good compatibility with plastic
·Meet environmental requirements
Packaging and storage: Net weight: 50 kilograms packed in iron or plastic drums, should be stored in a closed and dry environment.
Application data:
FR-104 can be used in unfilled thermoplastic polyester resins. Its high activity enables us to produce excellent physical properties
Flame retardant PET. Generally, it needs to pass UL94V0 level flame retardant standard (16MM), and only 4-6% (W/W) needs to be added
Compared with non flame retardant PET, the physical properties show only slight changes. The fracture strength, elongation, and impact strength decrease respectively
It is 12-18% lower, but these can be improved by improving the processing technology and selecting higher molecular weight PET resin
For PBT and PA, generally adding 10% can meet the UL94V0 flame retardant standard.


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