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Transparent liquid halogen-free flame retardant for printing inks such as polyurethane, epoxy resin, acrylic acid


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Product name: Ink halogen-free flame retardant
Product model: FR-132
Physical appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Color (APHA):<20
Specific gravity (G/CM3,25 ℃): 1.06
Acidity (MGKOH/G):<0.05
Water content (weight%):<0.1
Melting point (C):<-50
Boiling point (° C):>200
Product advantages:
1. The product is environmentally friendly, convenient and easy to use, with excellent compatibility with various ink resins, and good flame retardant effect! And it does not affect the oil
Ink color!
2. This product is used for flame retardant ink, greatly expanding the temperature range of the ink. Can withstand cold and high temperatures.
3. The use of flame-retardant ink produced by this product effectively reduces the use of organic solvent diluents and improves the ink's performance
Environmental protection level reduces environmental pollution.
4. The addition amount is small, and it is recommended to add around 10% to 18%.
Application scope:
Suitable for halogen-free flame retardant inks such as polyurethane, unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, acrylic resin, etc.
Packaging specification: 25KG plastic bucket


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