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Acrylic polyurethane alkyd resin latex aldehyde free transparent liquid halogen free flame retardant glue flame retardant wholesale


The basic function of the product's physical properties is to provide detailed technical consultation services and follow-up.

Product name: Latex halogen-free flame retardant
Molecular structure: patent protection
Product model: FR-123
Physical appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Color (APHA):<30
Specific gravity (G/CM325C): 1.06
Acidity (MGKOH/G):<0.1
Water content (weight%):<0.2
Main purpose:
FR-123 is an environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardant that is compatible with all latex and fluorocarbon finishing agents, especially suitable for transparent latex
Flame retardant processing. Not affecting the transparency and toughness of latex products, it is a rare and easy to pass through America and Europe
Products with various requirements.
The advantages are reflected in halogen-free, low odor, low volatility, and low atomization; Low viscosity facilitates production and processing.
Packaging specification 25KG: plastic bucket packaging


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