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Waterborne acrylic emulsion, alkyd adhesive, waterborne polyurethane adhesive, halogen-free, colorless, transparent liquid flame retardant FR


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Product Name: Waterborne Latex Halogen-free Flame Retardant
Molecular structure: patent protection
Product model: FR-125
Physical appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Color (APHA):<35
Specific gravity (G/CM325 ℃): 1.07
Acidity (MGKOH/G):<0.1
Water content (weight%):<0.2
Main purpose:
FR-125 is an environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardant that is compatible with all water-based emulsions, especially suitable for transparent flame retardant processing of emulsions
It does not affect the transparency and toughness of latex products, and can also be used as a dry flame retardant water-based latex adhesive, which can also maintain the adhesive water
The original transparency does not affect the bonding force.
FR-125 is a rare product that can easily meet various requirements in the Americas and Europe. It is a foreign latex flame retardant
An excellent substitute for TRSP.
The advantages are reflected in halogen-free, low odor, low volatility, and low atomization; Low viscosity facilitates production and processing.
Packaging specification: 25KG plastic bucket packaging


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