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Triethyl phosphate TEP colorless transparent liquid halogen-free flame retardant phenolic resin softener cellulose solvent


The basic function of the product's physical properties is to provide detailed technical consultation services and follow-up.

Chinese name: triethyl phosphate
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Content: 99.85%
Molecular formula: C6H15O4P
Molecular weight: 182.15
CAS number: 78-40-0
Main purpose:
1. Solvents for nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate; Solvent used to maintain the lifespan of organic peroxide catalysts;
Solvent used for dispersion of ethylene fluoride; Peroxides and diluents used as curing catalysts for polyester and epoxy resins
2. Stabilizer chlorine insecticides and stabilizers; Stabilizer for phenolic resin; A solid agent of sugar alcohol resin.
3. A curing agent for synthesizing xylenol formaldehyde resin; The softener of phenolic resin used in shell molding; chlorine
Ethylene softening agent; Plasticizers for vinyl acetate polymers; Flame retardant for polyester resin.
4. Flame retardant and reinforcing agent for rubber and plastic; Raw materials for pesticide insecticides; Curing agent and stabilizer for resin.
5. High boiling point solvent. Ethylation reagent. Toughening agents such as plastic, gum, resin, etc. Insecticide. Prepare fire-resistant compounds.
Packaging specification: 220KG/iron drum


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