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PC/ABS alloy liquid flame retardant PPO/HIPS alloy halogen-free diphenyl phosphate flame retardant FR-BDP


The basic function of the product's physical properties is to provide detailed technical consultation services and follow-up.

Chemical name: BDP flame retardant
Physical appearance: colorless liquid
Color (APHA):<50
Phosphorus content (weight%): 9.0
Specific gravity (G/CM325C): 1.30
Acidity (MGKOH/G):<0.10
Water content (weight%):<0.10
Water solubility (25 ° C): insoluble
Application on engineering plastics:
BDP is commonly used in engineering plastic alloys, such as PPO/HIPS and PC/ABS alloys. In different resins, BDP
Generally, adding 8-14% can achieve excellent flame retardancy.
BDP can also be used as an effective processing aid for processing ABSHIPS and other engineering plastic products. When adding 1-2
%When using BDP, it can significantly improve melt flow to maintain dimensional stability in processing thin-walled products.
Epoxy resin, silicone, and copper clad panels also have good flame retardancy
Packaging specification: Iron bucket, net weight 250 kilograms


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