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What are the advantages of halogen-free flame retardant in terms of flame retardant performance?

Publish Time: 2024-02-26
Halogen-free flame retardant has many advantages, especially in terms of flame retardant properties. Here are some common benefits of halogen-free flame retardant:

Good flame retardant effect: Halogen-free flame retardant can effectively inhibit the spread of flames and the burning of materials, providing good flame retardant properties. They can produce a stable char layer at high temperatures, isolating oxygen, thus slowing down the spread of flames and the burning rate of materials.

Low smoke and non-toxic: Compared with halogen-containing flame retardants, Halogen-free flame retardants produce less toxic gases and smoke during the combustion process. This is essential to prevent the release of smoke and toxic gases, especially in fire incidents, providing better safety and protecting personal safety and health.

Environmentally friendly: Halogen-free flame retardant does not contain chlorine, bromine and other halogen elements, so it has less negative impact on the environment. Halogen-free flame retardants generally have lower toxicity and ecotoxicity than halogen-containing flame retardants, and are easier to handle and dispose of waste.

High thermal stability: Halogen-free flame retardant has high thermal stability, able to maintain its flame retardant properties and reduce thermal decomposition at high temperatures. This allows the Halogen-free flame retardant to effectively prevent the material from burning under high temperature conditions, providing longer protection.

Good water resistance: Compared with some halogen-containing flame retardants, Halogen-free flame retardants usually have better water resistance. They maintain flame retardant properties in humid or humid environments and are less susceptible to moisture damage.

In summary, Halogen-free flame retardant has many advantages in flame retardant properties, including good flame retardant effect, low smoke and non-toxicity, environmental friendliness, high thermal stability and good water resistance. This makes Halogen-free flame retardant the first choice in many application areas, especially where environmental and personal safety requirements are high.

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